„Training Camp for Human Rights Facilitators” 6-15 Aug 2016, Statiunea Sacelu

Center of Educational Resources and Training
implements,  between 06.08.2016 and 15.08.2016
 financed by the European Commission, Erasmus +Program, together with partners:
Jump in associazione culturale; Javni zavod za kulturo, mladino in sport Litija; OUTDOORGAME o.s.; TDM2000 Polska; Bulgarian Youth Association; TURKIYE GENCLIK BIRLIGI DERNEGI; Youth Empowerment in a European Society;
 T.C. is aiming to :
1.Improve knowledge about planning, implementing and evaluating HRs learning activities for 36 youth workers for 9 days;
2. Develop the organizational and networking skills for 36 youth Workers for 9 days;
3. Support the professional development of 36 youth workers in education, training and youth with a view to innovating and improving the quality of teaching, training and youth work in HRs education field across Europe for 9 months;
4. Empower 36 youth Workers to multiply HRs educational activities for 6 months using non-formal active participative methods and techniques for pupils;
5. Improve the quality and innovation of HRs educational activities in 8 local communities through an efficient cooperative network of HRs Youth Facilitators ;
6.  Promote social inclusion, solidarity and NO HATE attitude for 160 pupils through 16 sessions on HRs in schools as follow-up activities initiated and run by the 36 participants for 3 months.
7.Increase capacity and management skills to initiate and implement European HRs educational programs and fight against racism ,violence and terrorism
8. Raise awareness of European values for 290 European citizens through a flash mob event;
In short , The „Training Camp for Human Rights Facilitators” is designed to empower 36 young people to promote and multiply HRs activities inside the local civil society as active European citizens. Through high quality innovative learning program they will discover how to increase the number and quality of community HRs activities for different groups. Each 4 will become multipliers of HRs activities in the communities being a symbol of social change and HRs activism.   The results “Ready!Set!Flash-mob” on FLASH-MOB method –and “16 Ready to apply designed sessions on HRs” will be widely spread in partner countries by coordinators and participants while the methodology will foster active participation in the society, promote respect for cultural diversity and fight against racism and xenophobia. 
Intelectual outcomes of the project:
  1. “16 Ready to apply designed sessions on HRs” a collection of 16 detailed activities
  2.  “Ready!Set!Flash-mob”DVD recording of FLASH MOB  will be disseminated as follows: on the facebook group, the blog of the project and blogs and sites of partners; on 3 national educational discussion groups or sites PROVED by prinscreens before November 2016.
Coordonator proiect: ANDREI IOTA
Tel : +40 0768827110; mail:

2 comentarii

  1. Buna ziua.Ma numesc prof.Ciubotaru Adriana de la Scoala Miron Costin Galati si as dori mai multe detalii despre activitatea prezenta mai sus.
    Ca prof de romana si responsabila de Comisia dirigintilor m ar interesa un parteneriat/o colaborare pe teme ce s ar plia pe nivelul elevilor de gimnaziu.

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